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Avoid Instant Noodles

1. Nutrient Absorption: Noodles inhibit the absorption of nutrients for the children under 5.
2. Cancer-Causing: The ingredient in the instant noodles called “Styrofoam’, which is cancer causing agent.
3. Miscarriage: Women who are Eating instant noodles during their pregnancy causes miscarriage because it affects the development of a foetus.
4. Junk Food: instant noodles are enriched with full of carbohydrates, but no vitamins, fibre and minerals. This makes the instant noodles considered as a junk food.
5. Sodium: Instant noodles are power packed with high amounts of sodium. Excess consumption of sodium leads to heart disease, stroke, and hypertension and kidney damage.
6. MSG: Monosodium Glutamate is used to enhance the flavour of instant noodles. People who are allergic to MSG consume it as part of their diet, and then they end up suffering from headaches, facial flushing, pain, burning sensations.
7. Overweight: Eating Noodles is the leading cause of obesity. Noodles contain fat and large amounts of sodium, which causes water retention in the body and surely it leads to overweight.
8. Digestion: Instant noodles are bad for the digestive system. Regular consumption of instant noodles causes irregular bowel movements and bloating.
9. Propylene Glycol: The ingredient in the instant noodles called “Propylene Glycol” which has anti-freeze property. This ingredient is used because it prevents the noodles from drying by retaining moisture. It weakens the immune system of our body. It is easily absorbed by the body and it accumulates in the kidneys, heart and liver. It causes abnormalities and damage to those areas.
10. Metabolism: Regular consumption of instant noodles affects the body’s metabolism, because of the chemical substances like additives, colouring and preservatives inside the noodles.